Thursday, 16 April 2009

Train travel

According to the excellent train website

Latest report: New restrictions on train travel from March 2009...

It's now reported that from 1 March 2009 tourists are no longer allowed to use on the 22:00 overnight non-sleeper (in other words, seats) express train from Cairo to Luxor & Aswan, or the 07:30 daytime express train from Cairo to Luxor & Aswan. As of March 2009, the ONLY train which tourists are legally allowed to use between Cairo, Luxor & Aswan is the overnight Abela sleeper trains. It's reported that these trains now have seats cars as well as sleepers, albeit at a more expensive fare than the original non-Abela express (LE170 instead of LE90). If you have more information, please email me.

I know some of my guests have hit these restrictions so please bear this mind when planing your journey


Anonymous said...

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Jane Akshar said...

Why on earth isn't it sorted by country, you would have to spend ages trying to find Egypt, but otherwise a great idea.

Personally having spent to many hours waiting for guests, 5 1/2 is my personal best, I would never travel by train in Egypt. With the increased restrictions they have made it even more unpleasant, people used to enjoy the day train