Thursday, 23 April 2009

Local Luxor Wedding

Tonight Sayeed got married, he is one of our regular drivers and Mahmoud's uncle. He is actually younger than Mahmoud. They have been engaged 2 years, last week the contract was signed, yesterday they had the henna party and today the wedding party. Interestingly there is not going to be a morning after party. Times are changing. It used to be for the display of proof that the girl was a virgin and the bloody sheet would actually be on display. The stopped ages ago but they still had a party. This is the first wedding I have been to where not even the party will happen.

The girl gets picked up by the groom from the coiffeur, she has been painted, pampered and lacquered into a total doll with a huge wedding dress, western style. Our bride was on the East bank so we meet them at the bridge. We then drive round and round, horns blaring and people singing, it is such fun. (I actually like how we drive past all the flood lit monuments)

Then we arrive at the party and they are processed in. They had a torch light procession which I had never seen before.

Then they sit on thrones while every dances and has a good time.

Eventually they go to the new flat he has prepared for her.

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