Friday, 26 June 2009

KV57 Horemheb open but who knows for how long

I got an email asking if it was true and I have just got of the phone to Mansour Boraik head of the SCA in Luxor who says it is.

I tell you I am up the valley tomorrow at 6 as I have never seen this tomb.

Mr Mansour told me they are opening as an experiement and monitoring the levels to see how it goes. When I asked him how long it is going to be open he said it depended on the results.

Here is a link to the Theban Mapping Project

Mr Mansour also told me that they are going to be starting the final clearance of the Sphinx Avenue so one wonders what that will turn up.


Unknown said...

Sounds great, Jane. Do you know if it is a separate admission or can it be one of the three tombs your regular admission gets you?

Sharon Crane,

Jane Akshar said...

Went there this morning and yes it was on the normal three tomb ticket. It is quite deep, much bigger than I realised. Quite quite fab