Sunday, 7 June 2009

New Ferry Luxor.

The Nile separates Luxor into East and West, one side with the monuments and small local hotels and the other the airport, railway station, 5* hotels and MacDonald’s. So at some point in your stay you have to cross from one side to the other. There is a bridge south of town but it is a good 9km away so a more convenient solution is to use a boat. The local water taxis/motor boats are cheap and easily obtainable but a more authentic experience is to use the local ferry. It is ridiculously cheap, only 1LE (very approximately 20 cents or 15p). You catch it just by Luxor temple.

They have just put a number of new boats into service but there are still the same people using it, even the friendly little tissue seller. He works the boats selling small packets of tissues.

They are also developing new landing stages on the West Bank, one hopes it is going to be easier to get on and off :)

Finally here is little Mohammed who works at my flats with his little daughter Zenaib.

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