Friday, 19 December 2014

Egypt reopens tomb as tourism falls - The Art Newspaper


Egypt reopens tomb as tourism falls - The Art Newspaper: Egypt plans to reopen the royal tomb of Nefertari, a wife of Ramesses II (who reigned from 1279BC to 1213BC), on a regular basis after it was closed for eight years because of concerns over the condition of the site’s wall paintings.

The burial site in the Valley of the Queens was opened for ten days in mid-October to celebrate the 110th anniversary of its discovery by the Italian archaeologist Ernesto Schiaparelli. Speaking at an event in London last month, Egypt’s minister of tourism, Hisham Zazou, proposed that the site remains open. “I want to make sure [this period] is expanded, so it is open every month,” Zazou said, adding that the tomb would be open one week a month to a limited number of tourists. Access was restricted to 150 visitors before it was closed in 2006.


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Good site.

Unknown said...

Great news..had heard rumours. Are the open dates available Jane that we can book a visit especially. Wiould be bereft if we booked to come out and it wasn't open those weeks. Any idea of cost. Great news...absolutely great!!!!!