Saturday, 6 December 2014

Sphinx unearthed at Karnak temple | Cairo Post

Sphinx unearthed at Karnak temple | Cairo Post: CAIRO: A limestone statuette of a Sphinx has been unearthed during a routine excavation north of Luxor’s Karnak temple complex, according to Abdel-Hakim Karar, director of the Upper Egypt Antiquities Department, Friday.

“The 60-centimeter tall statue was discovered to the east of the sanctuary of the temple of God Ptah, one of the four main temple enclosures that make up the immense Karnak temple complex,” Karar told The Cairo Post Friday.

It was discovered by archaeologists from the French-Egyptian Centre for the Study of the Karnak Temples, currently excavating at the northern area of the precinct of Amun-Re temple, according to Karar......................

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