Saturday, 24 January 2015

Calling all museums, private collectors (please share)

The news article is old but finally I got a chance to visit the site of Amenhotep III temple at

Kom El Hettan

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properly today. Dr Hourig was such a gracious host even arranging a car to drive me around!

One of the things she mentioned was there are probably bits of the temple scattered all over the world, in private hands, small collections and museums. She would be most grateful if anyone has a piece to contact her so they could record it (maybe make a copy?) to enable further understanding of the temple.

Please share this request and if you need her contact details email me and I will pass them on

Armenian archaeologist Hourig Sourouzian unveils the statue of Egyptian Pharoah Amenhotep III - Հորիզոն շաբաթաթերթ - Horizon Weekly: Plans are for the entire temple - which also includes the famous Colossi of Memnon, which are also huge, albeit seated and badly damaged, statues of Amenhotep III, as well as three patios, a peristyle, a sanctuary and other archaeological elements - to be made into a museum in which assorted monumental art and other works commissioned by the pharoah will be displayed.

PS seeing the Northern colossus and realising the extent of the site makes you realise the Merenptah's temple is like a tiny shed in  in the corner of the massive complex

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