Saturday, 24 January 2015

Nigel J.Hetherington (@Pastpreservers) tweets the Tut press conference

If you want an update on the Tutankhamun mask press conference Nigel attended and  has tweeted, see the link to his twitter feed below

 #tutankhamun Press demand to see the mask of the King!

#tutankhamun German conservator says old glue on beard may have simply deteriorated and that's why it fell off!

#tutankhamun presser MSA and officials asking for calm reporting of the facts not wild speculation and with that it's all over!

German conservator examined #Tutankhamun mask this morning and will determine type of glue used!

#Tutankhamun presser scratches can not be confirmed if old or modern, investigation will take place!

#tutankhamun presser MSA and Museum Chiefs are apologising for a regrettable accident.

#tutankhamun press conference under way!

#tutankhamun museum director assures me all materials used are to international standards and reversible!

#Tutankhamun press conference, appears PM will now appear to address the press!

Nigel J.Hetherington (@Pastpreservers) | Twitter

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