Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Hidden Luxor - Disabled at Hatshepsut

I can not believe how hot it still is, the forecast says 37 but I swear it was over 40.

Everyone has been saying that the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri will be ok for the mobility scooter as it has ramps. Well it is and it isnt, the ramps are so steep!
Second terrace

When I arrived at the ticket office there was a step and a very narrow entrance way but a very obliging guardian took my money and went to the ticket office for me. A policeman came out and searched my bag and they opened up the barrier between the car park and the temple. The path is very smooth and even and at the bottom of the ramp there was a small wooden ramp. The very first thing I have seen to help the disabled.
Small wooden ramp

If I was a few stone lighter or the ramp had been a few degrees less steep we would have raced up there. But the scooter switched off, it couldnt cope. A quick reset and I got off and walked it up the ramp. The terrace itself was fine, very flat but the colonnades had a big step so it was out with the trusty folding seat..
Big steps at the colanades

Going down the ramp was much easier, quite fun actually.The exit past the shops was fine, I stopped and chatted with a few stall holders. They miss the tourists so much. They were pleased direct flights had started but horrified by the price compared to going somewhere like Turkey. I wish EgyptAir would drop its prices.

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