Monday, 17 October 2016

Zahi on the new scan of Tutankhamun This Morning - Timeline

(9) This Morning - Timeline

Many thanks to Tony Hickman for sharing this. Zahi is talking about a new scan of KV62 by the Russians in Nov

Tony also did a transcript

Zahi Hawass has just announced on ITV This morning that there will be another scan by a Russian team in the tomb of Tutankhamun KV62 in this November here is a transcript of the interview............. I want to tell you one important thing, as the Director now of the field work in the Valley of the Kings who are using new techniques that takes photographs that can show what’s under the ground, because we are missing the tomb of Thutmose's II, the tomb of Ramesses VIII, most of the queens of dynasty XVIII were buried in the Valley of the Kings. And the coming November we hope that we can locate one tomb and make a big discovery like the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun .
Zahi Hawass was then asked about the idea of hidden rooms in KV62
We are, we are going to use also inside the tomb of Tutankhamun a NEW radar, it’s a Russian radar, and that Russian radar will make the final word if the tomb of Nefertiti existed inside the tomb of Tutankhamun or not. Because the previous radar that talks about something behind the wall when we did look at it, it did not show anything and therefor soon, in November we are going to use this Radar to find out if evidence of Nefertiti behind the North wall of the tomb or not .
Zahi Hawass was asked if he felt that Nefertiti was in KV 62
I REALLY DO NOT THINK that Nefertiti is buried at all in the tomb of Tutankhamun , for many reasons the first the Priests of Amun would never let someone who worshipped the “Aten” to be buried in the Valley of the Kings.
Zahi Hawass finally stated he felt that there is nothing inside the tomb of Tutankhamun , This theory is not correct .


Unknown said...

Hi Jane
Zahi now says that he was misinterpreted - although it was all in English.
However he will be doing scanning of KV62 from the top down - just as Nicholas Reeves
was about to do when he was stopped! Zahi is on record (again misinterpreted?) saying that scanning proves nothing and there is nothing else in KV62! Yet he will be doing exactly what Reeves should have done, and Hawass take the credit for anything found.

Mouloukhia said...

As usuel! He can't help it !