Friday, 28 October 2016

Solutions for Disabled Access in Luxor

Please share and pass on to any archaeological digs, persons of influence, Egyptian government and politicians

Disabled Access in Luxor

I have mobility issues and have been visiting the sites using a mobility scooter to test out disabled access. I have to say it is very poor but compensated by the willingness of the guardians to assist. They are quite frankly wonderful.

The main problems are 

  1.  Lack of smooth paths. There are lots of areas with large stones or dusty/sandy loose soil. 
  2. Ramps are far too steep, they are actually dangerous for wheelchair users

I know that money is tight and a perfect solution is probably not affordable but I have a suggestion that not only works but is also aesthetically acceptable on these ancient sites and practical.

Mud brick

In fact it has been used with great effect in the Seti I temple to pave parts of the central axis. Mud brick is traditional, cheap, easily obtainable and the locals have the skill to make it. It looks right in the temples and can be easily removed without damage. Pathways could be made of this material together with ramps that would make all sites accessible.

Also please make ramps 1:12 like this

Thank you from all disabled people who would like to visit Egypt

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