Monday, 17 October 2016

Hidden Luxor - Disabled temples: Merenptah=No, Rammasseum=No, Seti I YES!!!!!

That is all the temples done now.

Started at Merenptah, which had dusty, sandy debiris on steep ramps and even with the guardians help I couldnt get up

Ramasseum had VERY steep mini ramps going down to a non compacted sandy, dusty courtyard. We could have got down the rmaps, with a lot of help but once at the bottom the scooter would have been stuck. Also the access from first courtyard to second courtyard is impossible for a scooter.

Bt this time I was feeling very demoralised but decided to try Seti temple. There were a couple of steep ramps going in but only little ones and there is one small step in the middle of the central aisle but that is it. Everything else I could negotiate all by myself

I came back along the bottom road to get a look at Hatshepsut, it is there honest, across the fields


Unknown said...

Hi Jane
I am now in a wheelchair and am thinking of buying a scooter - yours looks very good - did you buy it in Luxor?. I so miss strolling around the sites of Luxor as an Egyptologist here in London at UCL and always attend lectures,when on, at the Mummification Museum as I come over there for the winter. Will be there in November and do hope to see you either at a lecture or supermarket! Very kind regards Anne

Jane Akshar said...

I bought the scooter in the UK and brought it over. I saw someone come through at the airport once with one and thought it would be brilliant. I must admit I love pottling along the roads. You dont get any hassle and people are so friendly