Friday, 26 March 2010

More on royal DNA

The debate over the DNA from Tutankamun et al still rages. Here is a very interesting comment from Dylan BickerstaffHAVE THE DNA TESTS PROVED AKHENATEN WAS TUTANKHAMUN’S FATHER?

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Joseph Nobles said...

We had a fantastic show over here in the States on National Geographic about Tutankhamen and these latest discovery. After reading the article you link to, and having read the other article, I'm leaning toward the KV55 mummy being Smenkhkare, his wife being Meritaten, and their child being Tutankhamen - which leaves us without Akhenaten and Nefertiti still.

It also fits the evidence we have of Smenkhkare ruling for a year or two, and perhaps another Pharoah between him and Tutankhamen. That would be, ta-da, Meritaten, who for her trouble met a nasty end.

And SO, with leaps and bounds, I'm willing to make Meritaten my preferred candidate for that terrible queen of Egypt that sent to Babylon for a king. And her transgression is why the last few years of Amarna were scrubbed clean.

But then we have the odd situation of Smenkhkare being discovered in a sarcophagus originally built for Kiya, remade for Akhenaten himself! The Egyptian Eastenders!