Tuesday, 23 March 2010

TT184 Zoltan Fabian

The main thrust of the lecture was the difficulty of presenting epigraphic work and used a lot of computer drawn slides to illustrate his points. This makes it a bit tricky to record on the blog. I will limit myself to the non technical aspects of the lecture which unfortunately make it a bit sparse. The computer bits were quite clever basically by colouring in the epigraphic work in different colours then the software can remove a coloured layer. So you can remove the damage, or the text or the line or the drawings in order to concentrate on the aspect of most interest to you.

Nefermenu was the Mayor of Thebes in the second part of XIX dynasty. His wife was Meryt. This tomb shows the change in the cultic practice around the naos. On the right side of the shrine painted in red was the outline for a traditional family group. However this was replaced with divine statues, only the Hathor cow was completed however. It is contemporary with TT264 Ipy and TT62 Djehutmes, It contains one the earliest litanies to Sokar as well as the barque of Sokar.

The tomb is close to TT413 the oldest tomb in the necropolis but this is surmounted by a mud brick chapel of a later date so cannot be investigated further. (Like the roman frescos on top of the walls at Luxor temple, which is the most important and do you keep in situ). He does not know where the burial chamber of this chapel is and the owner is not identified. He showed some fantastic slides of where that had jigsaw puzzled fragments into place and the probable look of the complete chapel. It is similar to TT93 and TT17 where composition is not strict so the scenes are difficult to reconstruct.

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