Saturday, 13 March 2010

Responsible Tomb and Temple visiting and main ticket office prices

Adult Ticket Prices

Speaking to Moustafa Wazery, the SCA director of the West Bank he asked me to pass on some comments to visitors to Luxor.

You are very welcome but please help preserve the monuments for future visitors.

Photography has been banned in both the Valley of Queens and Valley of Kings, this is because so many people were taking their cameras into the valleys and then taking photos inside the tombs. This is forbidden and I afraid the few have ruined it for the majority.

Please, please, please do not touch the paintings, they are real and original. You don’t need to test. I actually saw a tourist scraping at the paint with their nails and saying ‘look it comes off’ I slapped them, yes it does come off and touching, scraping, rubbing will take it off. Don’t do it.

Rucksacks, backpacks please carry them in hands in the tombs; a lot of damage is done by people’s backpacks scraping the walls.

As churches as for Christians, mosques for Muslims and synagogues for Jews so were the temples for the Ancient Egyptians. Please dress respectfully and keep beachwear for the beach.

Some rather unscrupulous tour companies are selling panorama tours; they charge the tourists to view sites like the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri from the car park. This is very unfair on the tourist and the SCA but very lucrative for the tour companies. So the SCA has made it a rule if you are in the car park you must pay for a ticket.

Student Ticket Prices

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