Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Astronomical Ceiling discovered in South Assasif

Judging by the photos I have found on the South Assasif website the astronomical ceiling has been found. It had been mentioned in old documentation about the tomb but nobody had any idea if it still existed. They must have been really excited to rediscover it. Astronomical ceilings, especially ones coloured as brightly as this one as quite unique. As you can see there is still a lot of clearing to be done and there are many fragments in all that fill. The art at that time has very distinct Nubian features which is why these kings are often referred to as the black pharaohs.


Julia Thorne said...

Hi Jane, I can't actually find the photos on the South Asasif website. Could you tell me whereabouts to look, or do you have any other photos? I'm a bit of a fan of the astronomical ceilings and would love to see the photos! Thanks, Julia

Jane Akshar said...

I found those photos in the second batch of team photos. I knew they were looking to see if it was still there as it was mentioned in old documentation and I have been scanning the website like a hawk. They haven't got any photos of the ceiling proper I guess they are waiting for Zahi to announce it as it is an SCA dig

Jane Akshar said...

Zahi has just announced it so I guess photos might be on the site soon