Sunday, 1 August 2010

But surely there is nothing left to find out about?

I am sure many of you wonder what on earth students find to research and look at. I have a big bunch staying at my flats at the moment working on the South Assasif project. They are all on their Masters or PhD and it has been totally fascinating seeing what interests them and what they are looking into. You would think there is nothing left to be discovered but you would be very wrong. Take Ken Griffin, as you know from my lecture notes he is obsessed with the Rekhyt Rebus, I love a enthusiast you can’t help but get interested yourself. He mentions that he is organising a trip on their day off to Esna and Edfu. Now not being a big fan of Ptolemaic temples I suggest they stop at El Kab instead as it is a much more interesting site. He corrects me, there are 25 Rekhyts at Esna. Ok I think.

Then he shows me an inscription. It spells out the word Rekhyt with a determinative of a man holding a bird. This bird looks like a goose however most software does not have all these various nuances of glyph and he wants to check if the bird is really a goose or a lapwing. If it is a lapwing then he will have to create a new hieroglyphic of a man holding a lapwing as a determinative. Suddenly Esna sounds like the place to be and I am so excited to hear back after their trip, will it be a goose or a lapwing? I will let you know.

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