Monday, 2 August 2010

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We have the great pleasure to present to you the tomb TT60, classically assigned to the vizier Antefoqer, but which actually belongs to the lady Senet, of whom it is not known if she represents the mother or a wife of Antefoqer. He was one of the characters the best-known from the reign of Sesostris I, was represented there extensively, but has often (not always) been erased, without actually knowing why. TT60 thus retains part of its mysteries. Moreover, this is the only tomb relatively well preserved from the Middle Kingdom in Thebes.

Whilst looking at TT60 from the valley, it is impossible to miss the portico of tomb TT83 of the vizier of Thutmosis III, Aametju (called Ahmosis) which is found immediately below TT60. The tomb now carries very little decor, but it seemed interesting to present it in our category "A glimpse", because it was used as a residence for several generations of Egyptologists, of which the first was the Englishman Wilkinson

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