Thursday, 5 August 2010

EasyJet to start Gatwick flight to Luxor -

What good news for Luxor's independent accommodation market (including me at Flats in Luxor now a holiday to Egypt becomes much more afforable, there is plenty of cheap accommodation here, villas, flats and hotels. This will be a big help for students of Egyptology who would dearly love to spend a longer time here. Well done Easyjet EasyJet to start Gatwick flight to Luxor - "Services will depart Gatwick twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, with passengers bound for the Valley of the Kings and Nile cruises.

At present, only charter carriers serve Luxor. Thomson, Thomas Cook and Monarch each fly once a week from Gatwick, while charters also operate from Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

EasyJet’s flights will raise capacity sharply.

Its pricing, leading in at £127.81 return including tax, is likely to take business from existing carriers on the route.

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Unknown said...

Its hard to argue with prices like that, though personally I like to have a relaxing trip when I'm going on holiday so I tend to pay a little more and get the extras like valet parking at gatwick