Monday, 30 August 2010


This report is required reading for all lovers of the tombs. The current scale of numbers is destroying the tombs and whilst I would be the first to demand that scholars can still get access to the originals I feel that the majority of tourists would not miss out if they visited a reproduction. We have to preserve these tombs. There was a lecture at the November symposium about the work of Factum Arte, the technology was impressive. Several ideas were presented about how these reproductions could be set up, the hill and area behind the Carter House is a favoured spot. Making that whole area part of the West Bank experience. Anyway this report gives an update on the workFACTUM ARTE- TUTANKHAMUN: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"


Unknown said...

Nothing but the original for me! Reproductions do not have the same energy. I know we need to preserve, but not everyone is doing things they shouldn't in the tombs. I don't want an Egyptian Disneyland!!

Dennis said...

Replica tombs would simply not provide the same "Egypt" experience. Question is how badly that would hurt tourism. Given the culture one would expect that high end tours would still have access to the real tombs. Those who could afford the $1000 (plus bribe) per tomb fee will always get in.