Sunday, 1 July 2012

Breasts - Sexy, Sacred or Secular my dissertation on Ancient Egypt now for sale

My dissertation has been marked, and I got some great comments, so now I can sell it. It is called Breasts - Sexy, Sacred or Secular and it explores the Ancient Egyptian attitude towards the breast and the conclusion was not what I expected at all. :)

I did analysis of love poetry, pornographic papyrus and graffiti. I looked at the portrayal of the breast in art, both 2-D and 3-D.  Goddesses, both tree and cow, suckling Pharaohs and the dead. Breast cancer was explored as well as the use of wet nurses.And I didn’t leave out the men either, man boobs get looked at! The most interesting thing I learned was the impact of breast feeding and I discuss this in my conclusion.

Here is the link so you can buy it

We are hoping the sales from this book will keep us going until tourism picks up this winter. Fingers crossed


Jack Minderaa said...

Dear Jane,
I just bought/downloaded your eBoo(b)k. Much respect that you have the "guts" to choose this topic!!!
I'm a dutch dentist with a passion for Egypt. Since 2000 I visit Luxor often, sometimes as a guide with a group of 6-8 persons. Our homebase is Nile Valley Hotel; Abu el Naga as our cabdriver. In 2001 I was one of the founders of the Friends of Saqqara foundation for donations for the dutch excavations in Saqqara (in 1975 started with the EES-Geoffey Martin). If you like I will send my comments on your eBook after reading. Best regards, Jack Minderaa

Jane Akshar said...

I know them both,the hotel and the driver. Would love to meet up next time you are here and would totally appreciate your comments on the book

Unknown said...

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