Saturday, 14 July 2012

Moulid of Abu Goom San

Just went to this Moulid, I am sure that is not how you spell the name but it sounded like that. There was stalls, horse dancing, stick dancing and loads of people enjoying themselves. It was held on the area behind Seti I temple at the Valley of kings roundabout and the horse stuff was just before the Ramasseum. People were so friendly, making sure i got good photos. A really lovely atmosphere but I was the only white face there sadly. Apparently it is quiet low key this year because there is little money but the smiles were as wide as ever.

No health and safety regulations on this ride, the owners take it round the country when ever there is a celebration. The kids were certainly enjoying it.

The stick dancing obviously has riles but I have never worked out what they are :) This video shows a complete bout, can you work it out?

and the band played on 

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