Friday, 6 July 2012

Manchester Certificate Mini Reunion

At Flats in Luxor this year we had a number of students from the online course from Manchester Uni staying who were working on the South Asasif dig. This project has volunteers every year and we offer special rates for those working there. It is great fun for me as a student of the course myself as I get to meet so many fellow students face to face. We build up great friendships online and to actually meet is the cherry on the cake. There were students from all years, the certificate course is great for forging friendships across age ranges, countries and background. Details here

This month we were lucky enough to welcome our tutor Joyce Tyldesley and her husband Stephen Snape who had to come to Egypt to gather material for their courses. Such a big treat for all of us, with students from Kuwait, Australia, Germany, Canada and the UK staying at the flats, many of those would not get a chance to met Joyce in the normal course of events unless they came to Manchester for the graduation.

Joyce is super busy but arrange to met for tea and cake. I ordered a cake from Atta our West Bank baker but I should not have handwriten the name because when it arrived it said Welcome Gogce! still it tasted great. It certainly made the guest of honour laugh.

Poor Joyce, she posed for photos, signed books, cut cake and will always be known as Gogce to this group of students. It was good to meet Stephen as well as many of us had read his works although he teaches at Liverpool.

Most of us hope to go on to do the Diploma as we have enjoyed learning so much, Manchester has to be the only online course with such a great reputation as well as being accredited. so anyone thinking of studying an online course I totally recommend the Manchester Certificate and Diploma, of course you will learn a lot, have great tutors but you will also make great friends and maybe have opportunities like this, to be on a dig and have face to face meetings with the Posh and Becks of Egyptology.

PS Even Little Mohammed wanted to get in on the photos.

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