Saturday, 7 July 2012

Walking Tours with Mohammed Ismail

Several of my guests have recently been walking with the delightful gentleman Mohammed Ismail. I was first introduce to him by Richard Sellicks and those of you that have seen Richards photos of obscure and remote sites and wondered how he got them, wonder no more. it was Mohammed. I have recommended him to others and he has featured in blogs lie this If you go walking you are always going to be accosted by locals and this can be irritating. The best way to stop this is to hire someone who knows the hills and has a decent grasp of Egyptology, that is where Mohammed comes in.

He is a proper Old Gurna local who used to live in a tomb as you can see in this video. He scraps a living sell souvenirs at the Valley of Nobles so you really help if you use him to go walking.

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