Sunday, 22 July 2012

Palaeopathology Workshop (KNH Centre for Egyptology - The University of Manchester)

Palaeopathology Workshop (KNH Centre for Egyptology - The University of Manchester): Palaeopathology Workshop
Body 89/686 from Koshtamna (Firth 1912)
August 29th-30th 2012

A workshop to be held at The Natural History Museum (London), organised by The Natural History Museum and the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, The University of Manchester, as part of a joint project funded by The Wellcome Trust.

The first Archaeological Survey of Nubia published its final report just over 100 years ago, drawing to a close one of the largest set of palaeopathological investigations ever carried out. The human remains from this and other such studies during the last century have granted us incredible insights into the lives and deaths of the ancient Nubians and their neighbours to the north, the Egyptians. The skeletons and mummies of these two great civilisations have also helped drive the development of palaeopathology as a discipline. To celebrate this centenary, we invite you to attend a workshop to learn about and discuss the past work, present research, and future direction of human and animal palaeopathology in this region.

The workshop will include plenary lectures by:

Prof Don Brothwell, The University of York

Dr Derek Welsby, The British Museum

Prof Albert Zink, EURAC

Prof Rosalie David, The University of Manchester

A public lecture will also be given by Prof. Michael Zimmerman from Villanova University on the evening of the 28th August, with tickets for workshop attendees included free of charge.

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