Saturday, 12 February 2011

All sites in Upper Egypt are open

Mansour Boraik of the SCA just phoned me to reiterate that ALL sites in Upper Egypt are open and welcome visitors. I explain that the lack of tourists was down to erroneous advice being spouted by the Embassies. Until we got that changed the tour companies can not bring the tourists here. I suggested he get the head of the SCA Dr Zahi Hawass to contact the Ambassadors and get them to change the travel advice. Upper Egypt is completely safe and has been the whole time

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Anonymous said...

Most people who see Luxor do so as part of your typical two-week vacation in Egypt, and many people cancelled their trips when the unrest got bad in Cairo. Even ships cancelled their plans to stay at Alexandria. These trips are booked months in advance. Even if the "bad advice" is changed, it will be months before things can get back to normal.