Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Travel Insurance to Luxor

Regarding travel insurance. Please check with your individual insurance company, as a visitor just found out they are covered as the advice on the website is NOT against all travel but only against non essential travel. This was the advice given to one traveller
“Our insurance will cover us for travel to Luxor as long as the tour operator is still sending people there. As we have no tour operator but have just booked flights then we are covered as long as they (easyjet)are still flying into Luxor. We are covered for all the normal things that an insurance policy covers. However we are not covered for anything that occurs as a result of the protests. “

So those of you that were worried about insurance should actually contact your company and confirm the situation.

The original post is here http://www.luxor4u.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=322959


Peter Kirchem said...

I very strongly disagree with this. As you know I am travelling to Luxor tomorrow (Wednesday) and have contacted my travel insurance company. They also said I was covered, until I asked them to confirm that in an email, at which point I was passed to someone else who said I would not be covered by anything that happened as a result of the unrest...and that is open to interpretation. it is only when you return to the UK and make a claim that you discover that the insurance companies will invoke a myriad of clauses in their policy to get themselves off the hook. I know that I effectively arrive in Luxor tomorrow with inadequate insurance. It is my choice, but I know the consequences.

Jane Akshar said...

what do you disagree with? That you should check with your insurance company or that the traveler was told he was covered except for anything to do with protests.

Peter Kirchem said...

Haha! Good point...what I really meant was that I would seriously question whether any insurance company would pay out for a claim for someone who ends up in a claimable situation (if you see what I mean) in Luxor at the moment. Almost anything COULD be put down to the political tensions there. It is one thing to take out travel insurance....it is completely another to make them pay out. Also what is essential travel? I have no idea what reasons the people who posted have for travelling to Luxor, but in my case it is anything but essential.

Unknown said...

Interesting, our planned trip to Luxor on Jan 31st was cancelled by our operator late on the 30th as they had been advised that tourists would not be covered by insurance.

Peter Kirchem said...

...the point is don't ever make assumptions about something as risk averse as travel insurance without being sure of the fine print....and what is says between the lines!