Thursday, 17 February 2011

egypt moving forward

egypt moving forward: "Egypt Moving Forward invites you to join us for an exciting celebration of Egyptian life and culture as we welcome the world to the New Egypt.

Beginning at 3:00 PM on February 26th, Luxor Temple Park will come alive with the voices of Luxorians and authentic folkloric entertainment:

Event Itinerary:

Introduction and Welcome from the organizers

Sufi Dancing Performance

Mission Message

Stick Dancing with Mezmar Musical Performance


Rababa Musical Performance and Folkloric Dance


Nubian Music and Dance Performance


British Rock Band

...And More!

Egypt Moving Forward is celebrating culture and unity: coming together, embracing change, and welcoming the world.

Today, Egypt is making new history: a free future for the people. Today, the streets of Egypt are full of newfound liberty, happiness, and the warmth and hospitality the people are famous for. Freedom has brought new life to Egypt.

Egypt Moving Forward is an Egyptian and foreigner collaborative organization committed to the future growth of Egypt. Today, Egypt is in the midst of new and exciting changes. Egypt Moving Forward was founded to embrace these changes and showcase the best of what Egypt has to offer.

Egypt Moving Forward welcomes your support.

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