Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Egypt travel advice

Egypt travel advice: "However, we no longer advise against non-essential travel to Luxor.

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hazel said...

what excellent news im so excited i could crush a grape, roll on 23 march yippee

Anonymous said...

Hello Jane, at last, some common sense prevails, not that the Foreign Office were going to put me off coming back for my 22nd visit!

This is great news, although FO still advising against Cairo I see, so the Pyramids etc will still be rather quiet for a while.

Well lets hope things get back to normal soon, 2 people staying in the Winter Palace is no use for the economy - or indeed the workers who rely on the tourists.

I would imagine it will be several weeks or months, given people will have made other arrangements, but indepdant travellers please GO - and go as soon as you can to help these people return to some kind of normality.

If you booked and were cancelled, see if you can change back - there really is no better time to go and visit the sites. There is so much to see in Luxor so get your skates on.

For the real Egypt, stay with Jane in her lovely flats, or book yourself into a 5***** hotel at a bargain price!

There really is something for everyone in Luxor.

Cant wait to be back on the 27th March.


Unknown said...

That's great news! Hopefully, our Nile Cruise to Aswan and back planned for 14th March is now on again. Are all the sites, including Abu Simbel open for visitors?


pat said...

Hi Jane
Having booked in early Jan to visit Luxor in April. I have been watching the news daily. Pleased that the trouble seems to be over. Look forward to visiting your city