Saturday, 26 February 2011

Egypt Moving Froward - The Event

The event was sponsored by local businesses including Flats in Luxor. We were proud to support the initiative from local Egyptians. It was a really professional do.

Part of the sponsorship deal was some t-shirts so I persuaded the kids to wear them. My mobile sandwich boards. They thought it was a big treat although the smallest size I had was large so these were like dresses lol

Part of the area was devoted to local crafts and goods.

Personally I was pleased to see two young ladies doing the presentation. Egypt isn't just little old ladies in black but articulate, clever and bright young ladies.

Dr Abdel Halim Nur El-Din gave the opening speech. In Arabic, English and Dutch!!

But she was the star of the day

This is a line up of the organisers

Local music opened the acts

And the crowd happily clapped along

There were five sufi dancers or whirling dervish on stage. All their acts were just slightly different.

My step kids were complete mesmerised

the finale

We were very pleased with the turn out

This was the view from MacDonalds, what a fantastic back drop to any event.

What a good natured, friendly and fun event. My step kids summed it up perfectly "That was fun, can we do it again tomorrow".


Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful. Almost wish I could have been there. As usual, though, I'm sorry the pictures are so small. I click on them and the full-size ones are barely larger than the thumbnails. The last panorama looking at the back of the pylon would be nice if it was much larger. But, thanks for the pictures anyway!

Jane Akshar said...

If you had my band width you would make your photos small before loading too. I have big versions

deldinoa said...

Glad this was such a great day for you all. I wish I had been there but we don't fly in until 14 March for our annual break in Luxor. I hope there are more of these days and that business improves very quickly.

deldinoa said...

I'm glad this was such a great day for you all and that business improves very quickly. Unfortunately we don't fly in for our annual break in Luxor until 14 March but hope there are more of these days to come.

Jane Akshar said...

Barry Budd said

"Hi Jane, I see you did not stay for the evening entertainment, probably because of the children being with you.
The performances with the lighting show were spectacular. When the foreign bands and singer came on we could hardly believe the reaction of the local people. Men, women and children all jumping and clapping to music. I guess that performances by live Foreign bands are something that have rarely if ever been seen in Luxor, especially free for everyone."