Sunday, 13 February 2011

Holiday Courses in Luxor - What do you think?

I want to run this past all visitors to Luxor, could you complete it and pass it on as well. It is an idea to regenerate business here in Luxor and given work to a lot of Egyptians but I need to know how popular it would be


Peter Kirchem said...

I think it's a great idea as a bolt on to your existing business. The problem though is a political one and until such time as the FO revises it's assessment of what is happening here the number will remain down. 6000 a day into Karnak, with 25 yesterday...that is one hell of a lot to make up! But better to do something, than nothing.
I think it is also inevitable that there will be an "what on earth have we done" reaction soon, as people begin to realise democracy is not something that kicks in overnight.
I am puzzled though by the many comments I have seen here and on other sites from people 'wanting' to come here, but not doing so because of the FO and other advisories against it.
I am here - sitting in the beautiful lobby of the Winter Palace hotel, and about to take a Felucca ride on the river - I am still very much alive...have had a wonderful time...have had some great meals....have seen some terrific sights with no one else to spoil their view...have been welcomed by the locals as someone who has put his money where his mouth is...have no regrets whatsoever, and have felt as safe as even...or even palaces!
Easyjet are flying here still....£200 odd pounds return, leaving on Wednesday. You can stay in a room with a Nile View at the Winter Palace for £70, living like a King. Come on people...stop faffing about, giving lip service to wanting to come here. DO IT....there will never....EVER be a better time to come.

Anonymous said...

Peter, do you realize that even before all of this many people were very wary of going to Egypt? Many people I've talked to say they would never go to a country where they don't feel safe. With everything people have seen on television over the last few weeks, they are going to be even more worried of going to Egypt.

Jane Akshar said...

There is no country that is safe America has planes flying through office blocks, Britain has bombs on the underground, what with natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes as well where the heck are you supposed to go on holiday. Peter has the right idea and is having a great time

Indiana Rowz said...


I returned home on Weds 9th after two weeks in Luxor. Sorry I couldn't contact you for that drink!!
Despite the horror stories on CNN, we had a good trip, although it was terrible seeing the empty sites. It maybe great for photos but not for the locals who rely on the tourism for their living.
Unfortunately, they seem to think that they will return as soon as everything settles, but I think that they are being very optimistic. Those who know the country, especially Luxor, will return quicker than casual holidaymakers. I really hope that something can be done to help those that have been laid off.
I was very sorry to have to leave and would have stayed longer if I could. My best wishes to you for the future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I too think this is a really good idea, but like Peter, I have to agree that until the FO lift the ban thigs will be extremely quiet. I suppose the biggest fear is that people will not get insurance if they travel to a Country on the FO list. I spoke to my own insurance company who tell me I would be covered for normal holiday illness but if it all kicked off again and I had to get home they would not be responsible. No holiday companies are flying people to Cairo or Luxor/Aswan at the moment. I suspect the FO may hold off lifting the ban now that the army have dissolved the Parliment to see how things go. The holiday companies I have been speaking to tell me schedules and flights have either been cancelled or changed, people booked for Egypt have made alternative arrangements in order to secure a holiday and I fear, for the next 6 months at the very least, Egypt, as a whole will be very quiet. I as I said earlier will be back on the 27th March and I suspect it will still be very quiet then. Its a real shame, given that Luxor has been fairly low key in terms of this disturbance but the fact remains people will be wary of the uncertainty of what happens now. I suppose there will always be a price to pay for such actions - that's the cold hard reality I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

CNN's site has a poll: "Would you be tempted to travel to Egypt now the revolution is over?" Currently, 77 percent answered "No."

Jane Akshar said...

Glass half empty glass half full. that means 33% said yes and I want to get hold of that 33%

hazel said...

only problem i have is ive paid in advance for this holiday and september holiday with thomson an d thomas cook respectively so we basically have to go on their say so as well as f.o also we have tried to book hotel direct and although we are regulars they cannot match anywhere near the price we paid and it isnt cheap so you see as much as we.d like to fly ,our money is tied up and we are employed not the employer our hols are booked 12 months in advance so its not faffing about just a pain.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
I am in Egypt from 3 days, landed in Hurghada and come by car to Luxor today. I am in Iberhotel. I've been to Egypt 5 times last year. Traveled once in organized trip and by myself rest of the visits. I traveled in December by car from Luxor to Alexandria, not on speed way, cause we went to visit Tel el Amarna.Not feel safe is just a perception. If you don't feel safe to travel here, you probably don't feel safe neither in your home.Is all in our minds.
Jane I find great your idea for holiday courses in Luxor.