Thursday, 24 July 2008

El Kab Temples

We saw two temples whilst we were there. the others seemed off limits, don’t know why. This is Egypt. However what we saw was good.

The first temple was according to my trusty Baedeker the cult temple of Shesmetet. On the outside it had the weirdest graffiti. Inside there were vultures along the ceiling but white which I had not seen before. I believe that is associated with Nekbet.

I am guessing this a picture of Shesmetet, can anyone confirm.

The other temple we went to was one of Amenhotep III and on the front it had a later addition of Ramese II with his son Khaemwese. Now this guy is a particular favourite of mine ever since i read Reflections of Osiris by John Ray. This is where the author describes him as the first Egytologist. It was so nice to have seen him for myself.

Inside there were some great scenes in good colour. You can see where the cartouches have been attacked by Akhenaton. One cartouche is slightly dished where it has been destroyed and replaced. Great little temple

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