Thursday, 24 July 2008

New discovery?

Courtsey of EEF

One of those curious Egypt State Information Service reports which I felt belonged in this past thread (March 2):

Press report: “The first excavation team was formed”

“Culture Minister Farouk Hosni named the first antiquities excavation team under Dr. Zahi Hawas Secretary General of the Antiquities Supreme Council to operate in Valley of the Kings in Luxor to unearth a number of tombs of kings and queens including Ramses the Second and Thutmose the Second. Dr. Hawas said the unearthing of those tombs would be regarded as the most important discovery since that of Tutankhamen tomb, especially as the excavation operations in the western bank was monopolized by foreign missions.”

“Ramses II” makes no sense — likely Ramses VIII was meant.

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