Thursday, 24 July 2008

Toutankhamon Magazine is available, #37.


Since a few days, the new issue of Toutankhamon Magazine is available, #37.

Contents of this issue [NB: articles are in French] include :
- Egyptian prehistoric : special article about Qurta and El-Hosh, with long interview of Dirk Huyge
- Golden chapels of Toutankhamon : the enigmatic texts
- Hatshepsut
- funerary rituals
- the image on Ancient egypt (article of Benoit Lurson)
- Punt revealed ! The news discoverries about Punt and his localisation !
- Nefertari : her tomb, her life, her monuments, with explanation about her beautiful tomb (with some photos)

and also in our web site :
- podcasts and forum

next issue : end of march 2008

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francois tonic
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