Thursday, 24 July 2008

Toutankhamon Magazine new issue


Since a few days, the new issue of Toutankhamon Magazine is available, #36.

Contents of this issue [NB: articles are in French] include :
- Pharaon exhibition at Valenciennes (France) and the making of
- the real life of the king
- Ta Set Neferou : an necropolis for the queens and the princes
- Adventure of the Concorde’s obelisk
- Wadi el-chott : the another egyptian desert
- the tomb of Ay
- Qadesh of Sethy Ist
- Thutmosis III conquests
- Assassif : the unknown necropolis
- egyptian army under NK
- Litteratury of the Ancient Egypt
- Egyptian sciences

and also in our web site :
- podcasts and forum

next issue : end of january 2008

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francois tonic
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