Thursday, 24 July 2008

Little Mohammed’s Wedding

Forgive a change of posting style to a very personal entry but I know lots of people that have stayed at my flats read the blog and will want to see these photos. Mohammed works at the flats, when he first started we had another Mohammed working for us who was very tall and this Mohammed is very small. In fact bless his cotton socks he was rejected for his national service because he was too small. So he got the nickname little Mohammed. When the third member of staff joined and was also called Mohammed and mainly worked in the garden he also got the nick name Mohammed Garden. In fact as nearly everyone is called Mohammed I have given lots of nicknames we have Mohammed Railway, Mohammed Air Conditioning, Mohammed Swimming Pool and you can guess what all of them do.

So Little Mohammed who looks about 12 but is in fact 24 was finally getting married. He had been showing us photos of his intended ever since they got engaged and was really excited and nervous. He insisted that we came to the matrimonial home and have a meal. this included Michael who lives in the penthouse flat, my daughter and me. We were proudly shown the nuptial bed and the bedroom suite.


Little Mohammed with Garden Mohammed, Michael, Mohammed and Amira

The wedding consisted of Mohammed going to the hairdressers to pick up his bride

The hairdressers is actually at the top of our road and various ladies that have stayed at the flats will remember em taking them there for threading. The fashion in Egypt is to put loads of make up on the poor bride and make her look Western. Actually this one looked really pretty and fortunately she is no taller than Mohammed.

and then taking her down to the Nile for photos. Then back to her family house and finally to his house.

On route in typically Egyptian fashion the car driven by my brother in law developed a puncture and had to have a wheel change. I don’t think the bride and groom even knew about it as they changed the wheel with the speed that would have put a Formula 1 racing team to shame

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