Thursday, 24 July 2008

I was told by Ibrahim Soliman that Dr Sylvie Cauville had given free access to publications of Dendara on this website. My internet connection is far to slow to get a download so anyone that does and can give any feedback would be my friend for life

Edited - Ann from Belgium turned out to be that friend. Here are her comments

I had a look at the Dendara-website and I can easily believe that your internet connection is too slow.
There are in fact 3 gigantic papers to be downloaded.
The first (of 25 MB) is in fact exactly 414 pages. I opened it and had a look. It is in a very precise study (in French) of what you can see in the Dendera temple. It starts with a portico and every single hieroglyph is carefully copied. Here and there are some explanations given.
I do think that this is a very valuable book for an Egyptology student visiting Dendera in the future.

Didn’t look at the 2 other papers (the 2nd being 44MB, the third “only” 19).

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