Thursday, 24 July 2008

The new marina at Al Gezera, Luxor

New Development in Gezera

As a direct result of my blog entry expressing concern about the new development in Al Gezera and its affect on my buildings I have met with General Mohammed Metwally who is charge of the West Bank development Thanks to Dr Samir Farag for arranging this for me. The general confirmed that all my buildings are not affected by the development at all. Which is good news for anyone wishing to buy from us. He showed of the plans for the Al Gezera area and they are ambitious. I hope you can see from the photo that where there is currently a big car park will be turned into a marine making it easy for people to board the motor boats. There will be many facilities for tourists, caf├ęs and bazaars. The whole character of the West Bank will change. Personally I feel both sad and happy about this.

It is will be good as there will be more work and opportunities for the people of the West Bank, more tourists will come here. But the real village life will be lost and that saddens me as that is the attraction for me personally living there. Many of my husband’s friends are losing investments they made in property at Ramal. Hamdulallah we are not affected but we are sad for our friends. But you can not turn back this clock and rather than rueing the loss of the past I think it is important for West Bankers to grasp the opportunities this will bring.

As well as the plans for Al Gezera, General Mohammed also showed us plans for a new hotel complex at the back of the Hassan Fathy village is a similar style.

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