Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Blog Update

I have just done a massive blog update, publishing old lectures, putting in a search facility and labeling everyone of the 470 posts correctly. Argh!!

I hope it will be a useful resource. But if you are a student at university please do not use it, you should find the published papers. There are lots of websites in the lecture notes and few of them are properly linked. Sorry about that but exhaustion set in


kmtscribe said...

Hi Kate
A friend has told me that
Zahi Hawass has appeared on Egyptian TV and mentioned that he has a 'hit list' of six egyptologists that he wants to 'get'. Unfortunately he did not take notes. Who are they and what have they supposedly done? Thanks

Jane Akshar said...

Hi Val, I am Jane not Kate of KV64 as for Zahi you would have to ask him lol. I should imagine they have spoken their mind rather than bowing down to the great Zahi :)