Saturday, 4 September 2010

Important message from Osirisnet

Whilst working on TT38, Djeserkareseneb, and also TT181 Nebamon-Ipuky, we were shocked to see that so many scenes have been cut away, and that some walls are disfigured, that is "in a lamentable state" as remarked on by the late Arpag Mekhitarian dozens of years ago.
We have decided that the "virtual restoration" of these walls (i.e.
inclusion and discussion of the stolen pieces within their original context) would now become one of our major goals on OsirisNet for each tomb we publish - whenever possible.

Our first "virtual restauration" has been made on the recently published Djeserkareseneb's TT 38 ; alas so far we have only found old b&w photographs, and the result is far from what we want.

We would also like to build an online database on fragments of Theban Tombs

Thus, we are calling through your good will to send to us colour photographs of the fragments currently in Museums or private collections, with all the relevant information, and first of all, those of TT 38 and TT 181.
Many thanks in advance for your precious help, because without you, we can achieve nothing useful.
Tombs of Egypt

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