Thursday, 23 September 2010

Past Preservers Launches Production House

The Founder of Past Preservers, Nigel Hetherington, today announced plans to expand his successful media services company. Past Preservers has already established itself as a major presence within the television industry, working with various channels such as the History Channel and National Geographic. Building on it’s strong reputation in the areas of production services, talent acquisition and historical consulting, newly formed Past Preservers Productions will focus on developing new formats for television, radio and film.

Founder and CEO Hetherington feels the company is in a perfect position to supply a growing market for history-based non-fiction programing. “We get so many great ideas from our expanding talent pool of archaeologists, journalist and filmmakers, we saw an opportunity to really go for it, expand and set some of these projects up,” he said.

Hertherington has partnered with a team of experienced producers Christopher Beckman and Edward Nachtrieb to launch Past Preservers Productions.

Nachtrieb and Beckman have developed a slate of history-themed programs they plan to produce under the Past Preservers shingle in addition to new shows now under development with other partners and contributors. “Past Preservers has unique and powerful resources in our area of focus - it’s a perfect combination and we look forward to announcing our first projects very soon.” Nachtrieb said.

London-based archaeologist, writer and producer Beckman spent years making independent films in Hollywood before his love of history drew him to the Middle East and London for research. As Director of Development, he will uses his unique combination of skills from both worlds to create entertaining and informative formats. Acting as Executive Producer will be Hollywood-based Nachtrieb. He is a veteran of US television and with a background in international photojournalism. He was previously Reuters Chief Photographer in China in the 1980’s.

Past Preservers was founded by archaeologist Nigel J. Hetherington in 2005 to provide historical and archaeological consultancy and professional support to the media industry.

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