Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Old Mummification Musuem lectures - influence of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt in the Eyes of Western Culture – Francisco Tiradritti 10th Dec

The lecture was excellent and very informative. Francesco showed us the influence of Ancient Egypt through out the ages and how it can be found in surprising places. Firstly he covered the pyramid and how the Roman’s themselves had brought it to Rome as a funeral monument. The Romans were the type of conqueror who quite easily absorbed new cultures and were in a way conquered by them.

Isis suckling the child Horus was an image that left Egypt and went to Rome, undergoing some transformation on the way. From Roman it reached all parts of the Roman Empire which meant North Africa, Near East, most of Europe including Britain and Ireland and funnily enough back to Egypt again. You actually get both pharaonic Isis and Roman Isis being worshipped in Egypt. He then went on to show the links between Isis and the Madonna and Child, evidence in Brazil in Jamanja and the links between the Apis Bull. There is also Anubis finding his way into the orthodox religion as Christopher. . The affect of the book the Golden Ass on books and paintings. How one writer thought hieroglyphics were a connection with Jesus. How free masonry had so much impact right up until the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. In fact all the influences until we reached the scholarly age with the decipherment of the Rosette stone.

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