Friday, 3 September 2010

More news on the online MA in Egyptology - it is not there yet but it is coming

The definitive answer on the Macquarie online MA in Egyptology from a Macquarie professor:

Macquarie does indeed have an MA in Coptic studies online, however we are looking towards producing the MA in Egyptology online. We just don't have enough units for the full degree at the moment (we need at least 8 units online for the MA) and we only have the following four:
AHPG 863: Egyptian Wall Paintings
AHPG 861: Egyptian Religion
AHPG 870: Egyptian Hieroglyphs A
AHPG 874: Egyptian Hieroglyphs B

But one could also take the MA in Ancient History degree and continue with AHPG 886: Methods in Ancient Art History, and any of the remaining units from Coptic studies (i.e. language) or Late Antiquity that are also taught externally (see So we know this is an area we can expand in and are hoping to add: Methods and techniques of Egyptian Archaeology, Egyptian Culture and Society, Egypt in the Middle/New Kingdoms etc. over the next few years. We just needed to trial the above ones first!!!
So I hope this answers your question

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