Sunday, 5 September 2010

Nicholas Reeves - Tutankamun's mask was made for a woman

Nic Reeves presented this at the symposium last Nov but there is a lot more detail here than the notes I took at the time. Nicholas Reeves: "“Tutankhamun’s gold mask ranks today as the quintessential image from his tomb. It is perhaps the best-known object from Ancient Egypt itself,” Dr Reeves says. “Blinded by the piece’s sheer beauty and enormous bullion worth, however, the world has looked and yet has completely failed to see that the headpiece had originally been prepared for a woman. The gold mask had never been intended for Tutankhamun at all.”

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tonic said...

it's not a surprise ! Reeves, the others before him, said that this mask was made for another one (woman paybe), like some artefacts of Toutankhamon's tomb.

read the differents articles of Marc Gabolde about usurpation of the king woman for Toutankhamon.


francois tonic
pharaon magazine, france