Saturday, 11 September 2010

Water in Luxor, maybe, maybe not

00:29 Update, just received this email
hi Jane i just speak with Dr.Samir Farag and he told me that until now there is no thing about cutting the water and he have the news update from Aswan and tommorrow we will know if we will cut the water

Rania Abdelaty Youseef
Press office of Luxor Governor

Poor girl I did give her such a hard time but it did have an affect and we have an update. They are not used to people wanting information on the hour every hour.

Just had a long conversation with Rania the press officer of Samir Farag, so Egyptian, so frustrating.

I told her there should be an official announcement what is going on. She tells me that when they cut the water they will announce it on TV. I keep telling her that people want information now. She keeps telling me there is nothing official. I keep telling her then there should be.

I THINK but please don't quote me that they are hoping to contain the spill in Aswan but if they don't then they will cut the water with about 3 seconds warning. So yes you should stock up but maybe it will not be needed. Sorry not to be more helpful

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