Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Old Mummification Museum Lectures Amenhotep I

Tomb of Amenhotep I
There was a great lecture at the Mummification museum last year when we were told about the work going on at Dra Abu al-Naga. They have been excavating around this huge boulder way above the temple of Hatshepsut and were sure that there was something underneath and hoped it was the tomb of Amenhotep I. The lecturer was describing the various concrete like fillings that were leading them to suppose they were in a man made area not natural. I was riveted, I never knew concrete could be so interesting.
Well from this news article it looks like things are gathering momentum. Amenhotep

BTW I loved the joke that the article started with

There is a Russian joke, which is as old as mummies: a tomb-chest with a mummy was discovered during the archaeological dig in Egypt. Experts could not determine whose mummy it was and invited Soviet experts for their expertise. The latter rolled up their sleeves and asked everybody else to leave the room. Soon they came out all sweating and declared: “Amenhotep XXIII.” When asked how they managed to identify him, the experts said: “The son of a bitch confessed himself.”


Kate Phizackerley said...

From what I have read I am pretty certain that there is one, perhaps two, unkown tomb in the cliffs above Deir el-Bahri. It was very well protected and there is a very high chance that it is intact.

Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Jane, Hi Kate.

Does the Mummification Museum publish details of these lectures,or is it simply for those who attend, such as Jane, to take notes and keep us up to date?

The Deir El Bahri story intrigues me. It was an article from Kate showing the boulder which first interested me, but has been impossible to get any information since.


Jane Akshar said...

It is down to volunteers to let people know. The organisation of the lectures is very Egyptian, publishing them is just not on the agenda. This particular lecture is old and before my notes got really good.

Stuart Tyler said...

In that case, Jane, your own notes will prove even more valuable to us.

Thanks for responding.

Wade Marlow said...

Hi Jane, I will be in Luxor with a small (12) group of artists and art lovers Dec 6th -Dec 11th. We would love to go to a lecture, can you tell me whats being presented and does one make a reservation or just show up. This will be my 4th visit to Luxor, I can't seem to get enough. Wade Marlow