Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More about that bottle of wine

This has been totally fascinating.

Firstly the label and a translation from a Facebook friend

"On the left hand side bit of the label is the name of the brand; 'Abarket El-Malak' (Angel's Abarka). the next line reads Tostakhdam dakhel al-kaneesa (to be used in Church) On the right half it says, Baraka men deir Ra'ees el malayka Mikhaeel; (A blessing from the Monastery of the Archangel Michael) Abarka is communion wine; very sweet and non alcoholic."

Secondly the communion wine industry in Egypt is apparently very large, supplying all Coptic churches all over the world. There are all sorts of rules and regulations that have to be followed in its production.

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Unknown said...

Yes it is communion wine = vin de messe by French...... yehhhh